Professional Organization for Surgeons of the Greater Houston Area




American College of Surgeons|

The American College of Surgeons is dedicated to improving the care of the surgical patient and to safeguarding standards of care in an optimal and ethical practice environment.

Texas Surgical Society|

No class of men needs friction so much as physicians; no class gets less. The daily round of a busy practitioner tends to develop an egoism of a most intense kind, to which there is no antidote. The few setbacks are forgotten, the mistakes are often buried, and ten years of successful work tend to make a man touchy, dogmatic, intolerant of correction, and abominably self-centered. To this mental attitude the Medical Society is the best corrective, and a man misses a good part of his education who does not get knocked about a bit by his colleagues in discussions and criticisms.

Sir William Osler

Texas Medical Association|

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Physicians caring for Texas

Harris County Medical Society|

TheHarris County Medical Society (HCMS) is the largest county medical society in the United States, with a membership of nearly 11,000 physicians and medical students.  Established in 1903, it is the professional organization for physicians in Harris County. The Executive Board is the governing board of the HCMS.

HCMS Physician Career Center

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