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About Us

The Houston Surgical Society is the professional organization of surgeons in the Greater Houston Area. It is comprised of surgeons of various specialties. Regular meetings are held with national experts in various sub specialties. We also support residents and fellows in training of various local programs in the area.

Purpose of such an organization:

  1. The furtherance and maintenance of high quality and standards among those who practice surgery or one of its subdivisions.
  2. To encourage and assist those who have as yet not qualified, to qualify so that there shall be developed a desire to achieve higher standards.
  3. In as much as the American Medical Association together with the American College of Surgeons and the American Board of Surgery have set up requirements for the teaching staff of hospitals accepted for intern and resident training, to unit in our efforts to aid in this program, in order that the training of these young men shall be more comprehensive and they they thereby will, through precept and example, be the better prepared to engage in the healing art in whatever community they may choose to practice.
  4. As opportunity is afforded in the new center, and the Medical schools there included, to encourage better teaching through clinical and basic research.

Meeting Minutes written by Granville Q. Adams, MD

Secretary for 1947

Current Officers

Immediate Past President

Lillian S. Kao, M.D.


Vice President

Samir S. Awad, M.D.

Secretary/ Treasurer


Curtis J. Wray, M.D.