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Automatic Renewal Program

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Participate in HSS’s automatic-renewal program and never miss out on valuable benefits and services.

Plus, you’ll help conserve resources by eliminating paper notices.

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Renew the Physicians in Your Group with a Single Invoice

For group practices, HSS offers a single invoice for all of the physicians within the group. This benefit helps to reduce your practices’ administrative burden while ensuring that all physicians in the group continue receiving member benefits without interruption. To enroll your group for this benefit, contact the HSS administrative office at (713) 524-4267 or email

Become a member of  the professional organization of over 200 practicing surgeons, residents and fellows in the Greater Houston Area.

HSS members benefit from the following:

Educational programs across all fields of surgery;

A friendly atmosphere at meetings for members to engage in the local community and network;

Mentoring opportunities with local trainees.

Join the Houston Surgical Society today! Click here to download an application.

Active membership dues are $200 per calendar year. Retired membership dues are $100 per year.

Dues statements are mailed October 1.

Residents and Fellows are invited to attend HSS programs at no charge.

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Privacy Policy Terms & Conditions
 2021 © All rights reserved.